Edison Robots

Have you met Edison?

Edison robots are the perfect base for teaching a wide range of STEM topics such as robotics, coding and computer programming. Programmable robots are amazing motivators and keep kids engaged and hungry to learn more. Get Started with Edison now and give your students a valuable head start with these key skills.



There are multiple ways to program our robots. There is the Edware Block programming language, which, if you’ve used Scratch or Lego WeDo, will already look familiar! Alternatively, you can program Edison with EdPy which is based on Python. This is a highly versatile text-based programming language.

Edison is easy to use with no coding experience required. It offers unparalleled value-for-money and is supported by free downloadable lesson plans and activities.

Edison can also:

  • Respond to light and sound
  • Follow lines and avoid obstacles
  • Read pre-set barcode programs
  • Communicate with other Edison robots
  • Lots more!


Create and run your own programs for Edison using the cloud based software, or download the app. The unique way that Edison transfers data to the robot using sound output means that almost any device with a standard headphone jack can be used. PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, Android and Raspberry Pi are all supported.

As it can be programmed using 4 different methods it is suitable for ages 4 – 16 and beyond.

Works with LEGO bricks.

LEGO bricks can be connected to the top, bottom and sides as well as to the wheels. This will allow you to build your own designs on the base robot. You can even use LEGO bricks to connect two or more Edison robots together!





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