Graphical robot programming language

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This is super easy to use. A drag-and-drop block-based system, EdBlocks is intuitive and fun, even for younger users. Perfect for introducing anyone to programming, EdBlocks is ideal for students aged 7 to 12 years old.

EdBlocks Layout


The online EdBlocks programming environment is simple to use on both computers and tablets. EdBlocks contains more than 150 blocks, making it easy to experiment with programming. All the blocks are accessible through the main menu, organised into five different categories. Simply open one of the menus by clicking on it in the app, then select the block you want.

Drag and drop each block to the ‘start’ block in the main programming area to add it to your program. It’s that easy!


Teacher Guides: 

EdBlock Teachers guide

Student Activities:

EdBlocks lesson activities

EdBlocks block guide


EdBlocks Certificate