ScholarPack is 100% built for primary schools and is the fastest growing MIS package for primary schools on the market. *

It is an entirely cloud based system that does everything you expect from an MIS plus so much more.
​Assessment is at the heart of your school and it’s important to make data analysis simple and efficient. ScholarPack combines a powerful MIS and an Ofsted rated “excellent” assessing without levels solution to make reporting simple.
Being cloud based, it works on any device with web access, so your reports and data are always in reach and as an entirely hosted system, there’s no expensive server maintenance contract and you are always up to date with the latest version.

It is the most powerful, yet most simple MIS for schools you will find. The friendly help team are all UK based. Contact us today to arrange your demo and see an MIS that you will actually find really enjoyable to use!



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Autumn 17 MIS Data