Award winning Broadband

As a Premium Partner for Exa Education, we provide schools-only broadband services throughout the UK.

Exa are an award winning member of the ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association). They have been proudly delivering their connections since 2003.

The speed you need…

We provide schools with the connection that best suit their needs, budget and aspirations.  Whether an FTTC connection or dedicated leased line with speeds available up to 10Gbps. You can rest easy knowing our network specialists are supporting you every day.

Schools who, for many years, were reluctant to purchase outside of the Local Authority have now taken control of their own connectivity and have increased confidence in their school network reliability.

Fully managed switching process…

As part of our service 365 Computing will project manage your broadband switch from sign-up all the way through to installation. We are always on hand for any follow up queries or additional support after your connection ‘goes live’ too.

More than just an internet connection…

Free Training and Classroom Resources
ExaVoice – Truly Flexible Internet Telephony
Exa Voice

VoIP is a useful technology for schools which replaces physical phone exchanges with a digital alternative. It transmits data via your Internet connection and can significantly cut costs, along with many other benefits.

We’re able to provide VoIP services whether you’re just planning on having a few people make a small number of calls a month or you’ve got dozens of phones constantly off the hook.

ExaVoice is a completely flexible service, making it ideal for all purposes.