Exa Voice

Easy Setup

Completely hosted on your behalf, all that is required to install an ExaVoice service is a sufficient internet connection! Our team will transfer existing numbers, organise delivery of your new handsets, and configure your school’s settings so that it works exactly as you need it to. Whether you have twenty handsets throughout the school or just one.

Flexible Bundles

ExaVoice comes in four packages, designed to be straightforward to understand and we can help by recommending suitable ones based on your needs. Packages can be mix & matched across a site giving you the value and flexibility you need and not imposing a “one size fits all” solution

License TypePayment FrequencyLength of contractMonthly Cost
BasicMonthly24 months9
OfficeMonthly24 months11
AdvancedMonthly24 months15
EverywhereMonthly24 months17

Low cost doesn’t mean low on features

Advanced Features

With HD Voice, auto-attendant options, instant messaging (IM) and web collaboration, you have access to a wealth of advanced features to make your school’s communication the best it can possibly be. And, with the ability to integrate fixed and mobile phones, it has never been easier to get in touch with the people you need, when you need them.


ExaVoice’s flexibility accommodates any changes your school may experience – whether you need to add additional phones or reduce the number of users, you are able to do so at any time.

Emergency Continuity

As ExaVoice is hosted in the cloud, your ability to stay in touch will never be affected by events such as snow, floods or utility roadworks. Logging in to the online portal ensures continued ability to make and receive calls, whatever the circumstances may be.

Our Licenses Explained:

Exa Voice Basic
ExaVoice Basic provides a simple VoIP solution, ideal for use in a classroom, staffroom or anywhere that requires an occasional use handset. Our competitive pricing includes a choice of two handsets and all calls to UK Landlines and mobiles.

ExaVoice Office
ExaVoice Office includes essential features such as Call Forwarding options, Voicemail and Attended transfer. Typical users for an ExaVoice Office bundle are administrative staff or anyone who is primarily office based and does not need to use a softphone application.

ExaVoice Advanced
Office Advanced includes a softphone client for desktop or tablet as well as a handset, allowing flexibility to work from the office or anywhere with a device connected to the Internet. Perfect for heads of department and remote workers primarily based in a single location.

ExaVoice Everywhere
ExaVoice Everywhere provides a Unified Communications package suitable for senior management, those who work cross multiple sites or any users who need a high level of availability. Features include Outlook Calendar integration, Instant Messaging and conference hosting on desktop or mobile devices.