Exa Education has been providing a schools-only broadband services throughout the UK for over a decade. They are an award winning member of the ISPA (Internet Service Providers Association)

With Exa we can provide a range of fibre connections (from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps) & VoIP services. Your school will also have access to the fantastic Exa Foundation.



ScholarPack logo

Our agreement with ScholarPack can provide you with an entirely cloud based system that does everything you expect from an MIS plus so much more.

ScholarPack works on any device with web access, so your reports and data are always in reach and as an entirely hosted system, there’s no expensive server maintenance contract and you are always up to date with the latest version.


ComputerXplorers have been delivering computing lessons in primary schools since 2011. Having immersed themselves in the one subject for so long, they have a complete understanding of the Computing curriculum and methods which help children to learn computational thinking. ComputerXplorers design their own unique lessons to deliver a wide range of computing skills in a fun, innovative and engaging way and are the ideal way to deliver the Computing curriculum in your school. They also engage children with inspiring, ‘Experience Days’ or can add value to your extracurricular and after school computing clubs.




Edison is the latest brainchild of Microbric, who have been providing educational robots to schools since 2004.

Edison is the result of a genuine passion for innovation and new creations. Microbric’s vision is to share electronics, robotics and programming with as many people as possible. The technology is designed to provide users with an opportunity to experiment and have fun, while challenging their knowledge, innovation and imagination, without the need for expensive tools.

Their educational robots are clean, safe, reusable, expandable and robust and provide users with a range of combinations, and possibilities.